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I'm Cassandra, a busy mom of 2. Photography is my passion and I have been in business over 7 years now. My journey started when my daughter was born and I wanted to capture regular milestones and important events. I purchased an entry level dslr and upgraded soon thereafter, as I realized my love for photography and capturing those important moments. I prefer a light and airy style, but have a love for night photography as well. I have 15 years of experience working with photoshop and compositing. We recently renovated my home studio and painted it entirely white. There is a huge window that creates the most perfect, soft light. Perfect for capturing your baby or family. Let us tell your story!

You can find us published in magazine issues by:
The Seeker Cornwall - Wedding Edition
The Photograp[her] Magazine
Shutter Up Magazine
Bridle + Bride Magazine

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Tel: 343-363-7006

Email: info@tendermomentsphotos.com


Avonmore, ON


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